Microchip Legislation

Compulsory microchipping to improve horse welfare

Government legislation now states that all owners must microchip their horses, ponies and donkeys by October 2020, according to the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs and Animal Welfare Minister, Lord Gardiner of Kimble. The long lead time up to this deadline enables owners to combine microchipping with a routine visit to, or from, their vet.  

The Government is working closely with equine vets and the British Horse Council to highlight this change in microchip regulations. The resulting Central Equine Database will be a complete log of all domesticated horses, offering a practical solution to pressing animal welfare issues which arise when horses are abandoned and make it easier to rehome the animals more quickly and effectively. The database will also allow local authorities and police to track down the owners of discarded horses, make sure they are held to account and the animals given the care they deserve. 

Failing to microchip a horse by October 2020, will result in sanctions from the owner's local authority, including a compliance notice and  a fine of up to £200.

The RSPCA reports to have rescued almost 1,000 horses in 2017 and a huge majority were not microchipped, making it virtually impossible to trace the owners. Compulsory microchipping will help find those owners who abandon their horses as well as helping reunite others with animals that have been stolen.

This new legislation has the full support of the British Horse Council, which reiterates that it will not only enable irresponsible owners to be held properly accountable for the treatment of their animals and aid in reuniting owners with lost or stolen horses, but also significantly support the UK’s efforts to protect our equines from disease outbreaks.


Sussex Equine Hospital’s Stud Team

Breeding Season 2019

The breeding season kicks off in a month, on 14th February. We have an incredibly experienced team of four stud vets here at the Sussex Equine Hospital: Simon Staempfli, Paula Broadhurst, Una Boyle and Ed Lyall, that can cater for all your equine breeding needs.

We are the only practice in the South of England that has a separate out-of-hours 'stud vet rota' during the breeding season. This means that when you have a breeding-related emergency, you will always get a stud vet experienced in dealing with mare and foal problems. It also means that all routine stud procedures that need to be carried out at weekends will always we dealt with by a stud vet.

  • Thoroughbred mares can be managed for 'walk-in' covers.
  • As the practice is a BEVA-approved AI Practice - sport horse mares can be mated by AI, using frozen and chilled semen. These can be done at home or in our hospital.
  • Embryo transfer can be carried out, again at home or in the hospital.
  • Competitive packages for AI and ET are available.
  • Stallions can have semen collected for chilled shipping at the hospital.
  • Our lab is HBLB-accredited for CEM swabs of both mares and stallions, all routine breeding swabs are also performed in-house.
  • We provide post-foaling checks on mares and foals and blood work for IGG.
  • The hospital is there to back-up the road vets. Mares that have foaling problems can be admitted for assisted delivery or C-section under GA.
  • The hospital also has two dedicated intensive care boxes for sick foals and mares.
  • All young stock management issues can also be dealt with by the stud vet team.

Please contact the practice on 01903 883050 too discuss your breeding requirements.




SAVE THE DATE! Keeping one step ahead of the 'herd' is the theme of the next Tour & Talk we're running on February 14th 2019 here at the Sussex Equine Hospital. Two of our well-renowned vets will take the floor to highlight some of the newest modern advances in equine management and surgery and also give some insights into a lameness examination, all in the lecture room upstairs and all aimed at sharing valuable knowledge. Start time is 7pm, but tours of the hospital begin at 6.15pm. Put your name down by calling 01903 883050. TICKETS ARE ABSOLUTELY FREE!

Contact the Sussex Equine Hospital on 01903 883050 for more information and to book your free place.