The team of dedicated stud vets at the Sussex Equine Hospital is made up of Ed Lyall, Paula Broadhurst, Simon Staempfli,  and Kaatje Ducheyne. Together they provide a wide range of sport horse stud medicine services, including Artificial Insemination (AI) and Embryo Transfer (ET), the team are all very experienced and hold postgraduate qualifications in reproductive medicine.

We run a separate on-call rota for the stud vet team, therefore if you need a vet in the middle of the night or your mare needs to be seen at the weekend for part of her AI treatment a stud vet will attend.

Stallion semen collection can be arranged at the hospital and semen can be shipped chilled throughout the UK. We also offer an Embryo freezing service and the hospital facilities are licensed for worldwide shipment.

We also offer Ovum Pickup for ICSI.

If you are interested in breeding from your mare via natural cover, AI or ET contact the practice on 01903 883050 or email us so that one of our stud vet team can explain the process in greater depth to you, talk through the options available, and which one of our competitive package deals best suits your individual situation. Mares can be worked on at owners’ yards within the practice area or mares from further afield can be boarded at the hospital or at one of several AI centres that we service.