🐎 Equine Influenza Vaccination Regulations for competing in 2024 🐎

We know it can be confusing trying to ensure your horse’s vaccinations fall in line with the competing guidelines, especially as these differ between the various organisations. So we have compiled the most up to date information we could find. BRC, PC, BD, BE, BS, Endurance GB and FEI have updated their rules for 2024. BHA appear to be continuing with their 2023 rules.

Primary courses and boosters given from 1st January 2024 onwards must adhere to any new rules. Vaccines given prior to this date are still compliant as long as they were in line with the previous rules at the time of vaccination. If the first vaccine was given in 2023, but the second vaccine will be given on or after 1st January 2024, either the previous rules or the updated rules can be followed for timing of the second vaccine, but we would advise checking with the appropriate organisation.

Please note, this information is considered accurate as of 18th January 2024. We are providing this as a guide, but we urge every competitor to check the relevant rules themselves and we cannot be held responsible for any errors made here, or for any changes which may be made after this post is published. It is the responsibility of the owner of the horse/rider to ensure their horse’s vaccination timings fall in line with the rules. It is not the responsibility of the vet and we are not liable for any vaccination timing issues picked up at competitions. Please also note, vaccination reminders provided by veterinary practices are a courtesy and should not be solely relied upon.

Overall, if the following timings are adhered to, the vaccinations should comply with all current competing organisation rules:
➡Second vaccine given 21-60 days after the first vaccine.
➡Third vaccine (first booster) given 120-180 days after the second vaccine.
➡Subsequent boosters given within 12 months of the previous booster for all bodies except BHA where vaccines must be given every 6 months.
➡For BD and FEI, a vaccine must be given within 6 months and 21 days before arrival at a competition.
➡The horse can first compete 7 days after the second vaccine. – The horse cannot compete within 7 days after any vaccine.
➡The different equestrian bodies have different guidelines for delayed boosters in Autumn 2022 due to a vaccine shortage, please check with your competing organisation if your horse was affected by this.

For any further queries or to book in a vaccination with us, please contact our reception team on 01903 883 050.