Hot Weather

With the temperature increasing by the hour, our internal medicine specialist, Natasha Jocelyn MA, VetMB, MVetMed, Dip ECEIM, MRCVS, has shared the following top tips to help keep your horse cool:

* Turnout at night instead of the day
* Ensure your horse has a shady spot to stand in
* Free choice water ideally from a trough that refills automatically. Horses usually drink around 25L in 24 hours but in hot weather will drink more so have multiple buckets
* Exercise early in morning or late at night and wash off with plenty of cold water afterwards
* Apply sunscreen to pale coloured muzzles or ears
* If you need to travel your horse pick the cooler parts of the day and make sure your box is ventilated
* When arriving at shows unload promptly and offer water straight away