Many of the patients dealt with by the vets from Sussex Equine Hospital are insured. Our aim is to deal with insurance claims as quickly as possible. Our terms of business state that the client should settle their account with the practice and claim the fees from the insurance company.

Wherever possible, please obtain insurance claim forms quickly and send them via post or email to the practice. The form will then be processed by the insurance administrator and either returned to you as the client or directly to the insurance company. We appreciate that this process must be quick in order that payment reaches you promptly.

Be aware that some insurance companies have tight deadlines for submission of claim forms – read the small print. Also look carefully at what has been excluded on the policy before requesting work is carried out.

Wherever possible, notify your insurance company of procedures that need to be carried out such as surgery, bone scans and MRI scans.

Click here to read our insurance factsheet.

If you have any queries regarding insurance please do not hesitate to contact the accounts department or your treating vet and they will be happy to assist you.