Mobile Diagnostic Imaging

With modern technology, much of the diagnostic work can be carried out on site at yards.  We currently have a van driven by a technician from the practice.  This van is booked to meet vets at yards to perform any one of the following tasks:

  • Digital Ultrasonography - The van currently carries an Imagic Agile (Mylab) digital scanner.  Soft tissue imaging of structures such as tendons and ligaments can be performed, the images stored indefinitely and emailed to third parties.
    Cardiac ultrasonography can be arranged with the specialist cardiologists that we work closely with. Many of the vets also carry ultrasound equipment in their cars for daily use.
  • Digital Radiography - Currently there is an Eklin Sprint unit in the van.  This allows the acquisition of digital radiographs for nearly all orthopaedic problems that can be imaged radiographically, images can also be acquired for vettings.  For more detailed assessments of backs, the horse may need to be admitted to the hospital.  Being digital, the images can then be stored for an indefinite length of time and they can be forwarded to third parties such as purchasers vets and farriers for their appraisal.
  • Digital Endoscopy - A three metre long flexible video endoscope is carried that allows evaluation of upper airways, lower airways (including performing BAL sampling), the stomach, the bladder and the uterus, as well as the accessory sex glands of the stallion.  Images and video clips can be stored and distributed electronically.  Clips of the upper airway can be burnt on to DVD for foals and yearlings visiting the sales.

The endoscopy techniques can be used for evaluating horses with sinus and dental problems, as well as horses that may be suffering from Strangles; the guttural pouch can easily be visualised and sampled.  Many of the vets carry fibre optic endoscopes in their cars for instant use when required. We also have an overland endoscopy unit for assessing the upper airways of horses while they are working.

  • Shockwave - The van carries a shockwave machine, used for treating a multitude of orthopaedic conditions such as suspensory ligament desmitis, tendon injury and hock and back pain.