Spotlight on Haemo Tonic

Replacing B-Vitamins

Sussex Equine Hospital's Veterinary Equine Haemo Tonic is a highly absorbable and extremely palatable Iron and B-Complext enriched syrup on a Sorbitol base. It comes highly recommended due to its concentration of essential B-Vitamins and it is, therefore, widely used in a whole range of disciplines, from international competition winners through to older horses and ponies. We recommend Haemo Tonic for use to maintain healthy blood composition, for combating lethargy, for horses coming back into work, competition or training and for any horse recovering from any kind of trauma, operation or infection.


All horses and large ponies would need 30ml twice daily, which translates into 50 days' supply for a 3-litre container. Small ponies, yearlings and foals would require 30ml once daily, so that's 100 days' supply from a 3-litre size.

Contact the Sussex Equine Hospital on 01903 883050 for more information and to order.

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