Thoroughbred Stud Medicine

The Sussex Equine Hospital stud vet team of Ed Lyall, Paula Broadhurst, Simon Staempfli, and Kaatje Ducheyne have many years’ experience of dealing with Thoroughbred mares.  From stud farms in the practice catchment area mares can be “walked in” to studs to visit stallions throughout the country.  The team are backed up by an on site CEM (HBLB accredited) laboratory that allows samples to be examined rapidly pre-breeding.

The 4 stud vets cover a separate out of hours rota providing an emergency service to the studs during the stud season.  This means that a rapid response to foaling mares and sick foals can be given.

The RCVS accredited hospital can be used to treat and care for sick mares and foals. There are 2 dedicated and specially designed mare and foal critical care stables. There is an experienced team of qualified nurses, as well as vets, on site all the time.  Mares can be anaesthetised for assisted foaling or Caesarean sections.

The team are also experienced at dealing with Thoroughbred youngstock in preparation for the sales.  Digital radiographs and endoscopic examinations can be performed at the studs. Foals and yearlings can be examined regularly with farriers and nutritionists to make sure they are as fit as possible to go to the sales.

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