Andrew Crawford and Luis Rubio-Martinez are our full-time surgeons. They are RCVS and ACVS recognised specialists in Equine Surgery, meaning that they have undergone a long-standardised training programme in equine surgery, hold a number of post-graduate qualifications, and are required to regularly up-skill in order to retain their specialist status. Andrew and Luis are accompanied by Chris Baldwin, who is currently completing a residency in Equine Surgery at the hospital.

A team of anaesthetist, specialist surgeon and nurses are on standby 24 hours a day to perform elective and emergency procedures in our dedicated surgical suite. Many procedures can be performed standing; however, it may be necessary in certain circumstances to perform procedures under general anaesthesia.

Patients are carefully monitored during general anaesthesia by trained veterinary surgeons using ECG, arterial blood pressure recording, blood gas and electrolyte monitoring. Positive pressure ventilation can be used where appropriate to help anaesthetised horses to breathe, and the induction of and recovery from anaesthesia takes place in our fully padded knock-down stalls.

We provide a full surgical referral service, including diagnostic and surgical arthroscopy (including tenoscopy and busoscopy), upper respiratory tract (‘wind’) surgery, fracture repair, colic surgery, laser surgery, and numerous other surgical procedures.

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