Ed Lyall

BVetMed, CertEM (StudMed), MRCVS

Clinical Director

Ed was born in North Yorkshire and grew up on an equestrian centre run by his parents.  From a young age, he was exposed to most aspects of the equine competition horse world and became interested in stud medicine, as his parents stood stallions at stud.  He has ridden and competed since he was a small child.

Following education in Scarborough, he graduated from the Royal Veterinary College, London University in 1994.  He was then awarded a scholarship to stay and continue his studies working in the equine hospital of the Royal Veterinary College, at the Potters Bar campus.

Ed joined the team at Arundel in 1995 and became a partner in 2002.  He attained his Certificate in Equine Stud Medicine in 2000 and became an RCVS examiner in this subject in 2007, acting as chief examiner for 2 years.

Ed has 2 main interests –

  1. Stud medicine, following Ed’s arrival at the practice in 1995 the assisted reproduction side of the practice developed rapidly when he introduced techniques such as artificial insemination with both chilled and frozen semen, as well as embryo transfer. Ed is also interested in the management of young sport horses to maximise their future potential.
  2. Sport horse evaluation and management, working closely with riders to enhance the performance of their equine athletes. Ed is lucky to work for some of the most successful riders in the area and enjoys working with the producers of young competition horses. He performs a large number of sport horse pre-purchase (vettings) exams every year.

He is the senior treating vet at Hickstead as well as many other competitions including horse trials, point to points and polo matches.

In 2000 Ed was a finalist in the Horse and Hound “Vet of the Year” and was again a finalist in the Animal Health Trust “Vet of the Year” awards in 2009.

Ed is married to Dawn and has 2 sons, Jack and Archie.  He has many interests outside work, including riding and motor boating.