Garfield joined the practice in 2014. After suffering three bouts of the life threatening condition of a urethral obstruction or ‘blocked bladder’ Garfield required special surgery and lengthy medical care to recover. Garfield was relinquished to the veterinary industry to be given this care.

After successful ‘urethrostomy’ surgery to widen his urethra, making his man parts a bit more like lady parts, Garfield was re-homed to the Sussex Equine Hospital. He came via Andy Crawford from his wife’s practice with strict instructions to be given a stress free life and an expensive special diet, both of which have been provided in abundance. We can happily report he has not suffered any further bouts of his previous issues and takes his job role of Pest Control Officer very seriously, at least when he’s not laying about the sunshine or snuggled up by the radiator in the office.