So Young Kwon


Veterinary Associate

So Young has an interesting background for an equine veterinarian, growing up in the metropolitan of Seoul, Korea. She travelled hours to see horses and cows in the countryside since childhood (sometimes even on her own!) and naturally drawn to study veterinary medicine at Kon-Kuk University in Seoul. She moved to the States where she pursued a PhD degree conducting projects on equine colic and endotoxemia. Additionally, she had clinical trainings including an internship at Alamo Pintado Equine Medical Center, CA, and a large animal internal medicine residency at Washington State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital, WA. She is an American diplomate holder for veterinary internal medicine, emphasis on equine internal medicine with personal interests in gastrointestinal disease, neonatology, and neurology to just name a few. She has various interests in the field of veterinary medicine including clinical practice, consulting challenging cases, education, and working with the local and international equine community.


After moving to the UK, she worked as a veterinary consultant for a veterinary diagnostic imaging industry, an emergency practitioner in the Berkshire region, and a lecturer at the University of Surrey School of Veterinary Medicine before joining Sussex Equine Hospital in 2023.


She also tries her best to find time for traveling, socializing, and DIYing!