VWH – 20th July

Vet's with Horsepower

We left Sandefjord early on Thursday morning to cross on the Moss ferry into Sweden. After a brief stop for coffee with Svein we had a long ride down through Sweden eventually crossing from Malmo to Copenhagen over the 8km bridge. We arrived to a great reception from Denis and Gaby from Copenhagen university and their family and were entertained well at their lovely cottage. On Friday morning we headed into the college equine site for a day of lectures, well attended by the Danish horse vets. We also received a tour of the college campus to view their surgical facilities and have a look at some of the inpatients, both horses and lambs! 

On Saturday morning we left once again this time on a final stretch home. All motorway again across Denmark to Esbjerg where we picked up the ferry to Harwich in England. From here everyone departed to home.

It has been a great experience to be involved in the Horsepower tour this year. During the trip it was explained to the delegates just where their donations have been going. For just £150 the Smile train charity can help repair children with cleft palates who without the opportunity are often unable to get ahead in any form of their lives and often die prematurely living in squalor. By saving donkeys in Gambia we stop the young children having to carry the water daily instead. It feels a privilege to have been involved and I've been left with a real sense of trying to give something back. Together we have raised over £95000 for the two charities.
Just need to try to avoid sitting down for a week or two!